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For Patients - Introduction

Patient information about gum disease treatment and dental implants

We are a specialist practice with a particular interest and expertise in managing periodontal diseases and providing and maintaining dental implants. There is always more than one solution to a problem and we will always discuss with you, in depth, the pros and cons of any treatment that we might suggest. In order to develop a successful therapeutic relationship, it is vital, that you fully understand what is going on and tell us what you want.

Treatments Available for Patients

The Practice Facilities

The practice facilities were custom designed and installed in August 2012. They are, therefore, of the highest standard. The practice occupies the first and second floors of the building at 18 Wimpole Street. Disability access is possible but limited. More information on disability access

Dental Anxiety

We pride ourselves on our record of managing dentally anxious patients by using simple relaxation techniques and concentrating on providing comfortable treatment. We have experience of treating patients under oral sedation and also can arrange for an experienced anaesthetist to provide safe, monitored intravenous sedation if required