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Course – One place available for 22nd October

It’s your lucky day – as one delegates have had to dropped out of our full 5 day Restorative Implant course …this means there it’s an opportunity for you! if you are keen – please contact me as soon as possible,

Training 12 dentists to work alongside Dr Ope

We are seeking 12 dentists who are serious about learning implant dentistry – We are looking for enthusiastic practical people who are keen to learn new skills and to implement implant dentistry into their own practice. To be mentored and work alongside specialists. You don’t require years of experience

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Can I have a bridge instead of an Implant?

What is a bridge? A dental bridge “bridges” the gap between natural teeth with a false tooth which is held between the teeth on either side of the gap via dental crowns. A bridge can certainly provide an aesthetically pleasing

The Economic Wisdom of Dental Implants

Long term cost benefit of implants. Accustomed as many of us are, to headline watching; most of us perhaps neglect to look at the details, preferring to have a whole subject summed up in just a few words. This practise

How Dental Implants Benefit More Than Just Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry and the ‘feel good’ factor. There are probably very few of us who don’t wish that we could have better looking teeth. This in itself is obviously desirable but many of us perhaps simply accept them as they

Teeth in a Day – Aftercare

Getting the most from your teeth in a day procedure. Whilst most people may think of dental implants as being replacements for missing individual teeth; another popular use for them is as part of the ‘teeth in a day’ procedure

Longevity of dental implants

How long do dental implants last, once placed? Dental implants are often cited as being the best available option for replacing any lost or missing teeth, and quite rightly so, as the titanium root that is held in place by

Dentures, Bridges or Dental Implants?

Choosing the most appropriate replacement for missing teeth. After losing a tooth, especially those which are the most visible, most people will want to replace them and ‘close the gap’, so to speak. Obviously, it is far better to keep

Osseointegration and Dental Implants

A Central London dentist explains its role in the success of dental implants. At the London Centre for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry we have placed dental implants for many patients from Chelsea, Richmond and many other parts of Central London.

Dental Implants and the Older Person

Why age should not be a restricting factor for implant patients. Although cosmetic dentistry is often associated with younger people who wish to improve on their looks; dental implants also have a significant role to play for older people and,