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Training of Dental Hygienists

As professionals we are often faced with challenging decisions within our day-to-day practice; How can I treat this patient effectively for their periodontal disease? Does this patient need specialist periodontal treatment? Should this too be extracted and replaced with a dental implant?

Time to banish gum disease.

020 7589 7792 These 5 sessions of treatment that can banish gum disease – and straighten teeth A remarkable treatment aimed at chronic gum disease sufferers is being provided by Dr Ope Sodeinde Specialist in Periodontics. Dr Ope’s specialist treatment

Recovering from a Dental Implant Procedure

Patient comfort post implant placement. Over the years, we have placed dental implants for many patients from Central London and beyond. Whilst the exact approach may differ slightly depending on the patient’s circumstances; for example, some may need a bone

Stoptober – Time for Action

A challenge to smokers in Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster. The start of October sees the annual ‘Stoptober’ campaign where people are encouraged to give up smoking for the month (and hopefully forever). Why, you may ask, should a dentist support

Fear of the Dentist and Dental Implants

Making your implant procedure in London as comfortable as possible. A fear of visiting the dentist is one of the most common phobias in the UK, with around a third of the population experiencing it to some degree. Some people,

Smoking and its Impact on Oral Health

Our Central London dentist discusses how smoking can lead to poor oral health. It seems incredible to think that it was not so many years ago that doctors recommended that patients take up smoking to relieve stress. These days, there

The Role of the Hygienist

The prevention and treatment of gum disease in Chelsea and Kensington. Although, at the London Centre for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we have excellent staff that are able to effectively treat gum disease in our patients; without a doubt, we

An Introduction to Dental Implants

Why dental implants can offer patients from Central London a new lease of life. Dental implants are increasingly becoming the ‘go to’ option for replacing missing teeth. Although dentures have had a good run of a few hundred years in