London Centre for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Month: July 2014

Halitosis and its Relationship to Gum Disease

Prevention and treatment of long term bad breath in Central London. Gum disease, as we have mentioned in previous blog posts, is a major cause of tooth loss in the UK and, whilst most of us will have gum disease

A Closer Look at Periodontitis

Advanced gum disease treatment in Chelsea and Kensington. Periodontitis is caused by the periodontal bacteria that live in the mouth. These bacteria are ever present but, in normal circumstances, are easily manageable through basic oral care. When these bacteria are

Smoking and its Impact on Oral Health

Our Central London dentist discusses how smoking can lead to poor oral health. It seems incredible to think that it was not so many years ago that doctors recommended that patients take up smoking to relieve stress. These days, there

Longevity of dental implants

How long do dental implants last, once placed? Dental implants are often cited as being the best available option for replacing any lost or missing teeth, and quite rightly so, as the titanium root that is held in place by